Friday, March 26, 2010

Intimate Feeder gig!

If you have been wandering past the Millennium Music Hall in Cardiff you might have noticed some posters for a band called 'Renegades'. Like many you probably thought they were some new hip band that weren't on your radar. You were wrong. It's been revealed that Renegades is actually the usually CIA selling Feeder!

The cheeky scamps have been having some fun playing secret shows as 'Renegades', even turning up in London pubs. This 800-capacity show is still small by their standards, so if you can get in and get a ticket you'll be in for a treat.

Tickets come with a free copy of the band's new Renegades EP too which you'll collect on arrival at the venue.

FEEDER play Millennium Music Hall, Monday 19th April. Tickets from 0871 230 5595 or or 0871 2200 260