Thursday, March 8, 2012

Newsoundwales presents:

We are pleased to announce we are hosting our first gig of 2012 with Wibidi and Cakehole Presley at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff on Saturday 21st April.

Wibidi include members of the Super Furry Animals (Dafydd Ieuan and Cian Ciaran), and dreadlocked tornado singer Wibidi, with a voice like rust. Add to this a fusion of funk, reggae and glam and you have an incendiary cocktail that explodes on stage. Originally formed to create music for the Howard Marks biopic Mr Nice, the band has toured throughout Wales in 2011, including an appearance at the Green Man Festival. They recently released their debut album Tiger Baby, a brilliant collection of songs that provides a snapshot of a life lived large in Cardiff’s Tiger Bay.

Cakehole Presley include some of the unsung heroes of Cardiff’s music scene, who played in legendary bands such as Howlin Sleepers and Doofer. The band are a culmination of lives lived for the joy of creating music and playing to a live crowd and very few bands do that as well as Cakehole Presley. Their enigmatically entitled debut album Look After Your Chihuahua was released last year and if there was an award for ‘the greatest living Welsh songwriter’ the band’s singer and chief songwriter Chris Ridgeway would surely be a contender.

tickets are on sale now: